DDCC and Synergy

Synergy Natural Resources was advised by their attorney to remove the previous post (October 13, 2014) that stated Double Crown -- through a mediation meeting -- agreed to pay Synergy Natural Resources $630,000 -- as well as 3 million shares of stock. This settlement was brought on by a breach of contract and violation of the non-disclosure agreement surrounding intellectual property that was given to Double Crown regarding the PASS Box container. Synergy Natural Resources filed for the PASS Box patent on March 22, 2013. Double Crown has been asked to cease and desist use of their product known as the TransLock aggregate transport system -- or a lawsuit will be immediately filed by the rightful patent holder -- Synergy Natural Resources. According to patent law the first to file their provisional patent has the right to sue anyone else for patent infringement. Synergy Natural Resources has legal right to the invention of the PASS Box system. The TransLock system that Double Crown is marketing has no certifications from ABS, ISO, CSC, or AAR. If the TransLock system information is not removed from the Double Crown website in the next 7 days -- Synergy Natural Resources will begin suit.

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