Progress Continues with Pass Box in Korea

A delegation from Pass Box Korea was recently welcomed to the U.S. Operations of Pass Box Global to see first-hand how the distribution network of PASS Box™ customers and potential customers continues to advance. Following the visit, the Chief Operations Officer of Pass Box Global, Mr. Drew Lofstad, traveled to The Republic of Korea to confirm the readiness of Pass Box Korea’s manufacturing infrastructure. Mr. Lofstad had nothing but praise for the South Korean counterpart, as Pass Box Korea is anticipated to serve as the licensed manufacturer of the PASS Box™ fleet in Asia, and will help supplement domestic manufacturing, as demand for the PASS Box™ continues to rapidly increase.

Pass Box Korea was strategically established in South Korea to take advantage of the republic’s proximity to the ceramic proppant factories and busy ports of China, while also enjoying the international protections afforded to intellectual property that are often scarce in China itself. Additionally, the Republic of Korea’s burgeoning economy, massive exports (currently ranked sixth in the world in USD value), abundance of steel manufacturers, and political stability, make it an ideal set for the partnership to thrive. Pass Box Korea’s technologically advanced factory and extensive experience in high quality steel container manufacturing, coupled with a ready labor market, make it an exciting business partner with which to advance the global implementation of the PASS Box™ system.

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