Pass Box Korea Factory Up and Running

The Chief Operations Officer of Pass Box Global, Mr. Drew Lofstad, is proud to report that Pass Box Korea has officially begun construction on the first of many PASS Box™ containers to be minted in their South Korean facilities. Pass Box Korea has proven to be a highly competent and capable organization with the scale to meet any level of demand. PBK controls three separate manufacturing facilities that have the capacity to produce as many as 1,000 units per month.

Pass Box Korea was strategically established in South Korea to take advantage of the republic’s proximity to the ceramic proppant factories and busy ports of China, while also enjoying the international protections afforded to intellectual property that are often scarce in China itself. It is anticipated that the PASS Box™ containers will be shipped from the factory in South Korea directly to China, where numerous ceramic proppant manufacturers will be eagerly awaiting their arrival with designs on filling the containers with proppant prior to exporting them to the United States and elsewhere around the world.

Mr. Lofstad travelled to The Republic of Korea late last week to monitor the progress of the new factory outfit and meet with the PASS Box™ engineers and fabricators, to ensure that the containers are crafted with precision and quality. Mr. Lofstad had all positive feedback and remains highly optimistic about the partnership with Pass Box Korea.

Interest from potential customers has continued to build and requests for units as manufacturing rolls out are already being collected. For those interested in learning more about integrating the PASS Box into your fleet, you can contact us at 1-844-PASSBOX (727-7269) to submit your credit application and secure your place in line.

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